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Production Year Role
Twelfth Night 1996 Viola
Jack and Sarah 1995 Sarah
Sense and Sensibility 1995 Lucy Steele
A Pin For The Butterfly 1994 Mother
True Colors 1991 Diana Stiles
Relatively Speaking 1990 Ginny Whittaker
Erik the Viking 1989 Princess Aud
Fellow Traveller 1989 Sarah Atchison
Deadline 1988 Romy Burton
A Summer Story 1988 Megan
Nanou 1986 Nanou
Privileged 1982 Imogen
Sanda, C'est La Vie unkown Marie

Television Series
Production Year Role
Anna Lee 1993 Anna Lee
The Browning Version 1985 Mrs. Gilbert
The Rainbow unkown Ursula Brangwen

Production Year Role
A Streetcar Named Desire 1997 Stella Kowalski
Uncle Vanya 1996 Yelena
St. Joan 1994 Joan
Heartbreak House 1992 Ellie Dunn
Othello 1990 Desdemona

Radio Plays
Production Year Role
No Way Out unkown Ines
Private Lives unkown Amanda Prynne
The Culper Tapes unkown Claire Cassidy

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