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Hymers College Class Of 1997
Want to find someone you used to know at Hymers? This is a good place to start (well, it is if you left in 1997 anyway)
If your e-mail address does not appear here and you want it to, or it does and you don't, or I have any of the details wrong, please mail me
If you want to find the e-mail address of a person who left before 1997, a good place to start would be Ben Thompson's Friend Directory
The school is currently switching internet service providers, and so e-mail with the school is not currently reliable. If you would like to get in touch with the school, it would be best to mail Simon Potter, the current network administrator
Jamie Abdennadher Medecine, Newcastle
Ed Blackmore Gap Year
Stephen Broadbent Physics, Keeble College, Oxford
Sarah Brown Hull
Tom Canty Mechanical Engineering, Southampton
Kevin Cawkwell Civil Engineering, Imperial College London
Sarah Clague Biology, Bradford
Chris Clements St.Johns College, Oxford
Chris Cottell Keble College, Oxford
Lisa Davis English, Durham
Richard Dilks Modern History and English, Hertford College, Oxford
Katherine Duffin Veterinary Medicine, Girton College, Cambridge
Jonathan Dunning-Davies Nottingham
Me (Andrew Eland) Software Engineering, Imperial College London
Inge Forster History of Art and English, Birmingham
Subhadip Ghosh-Ray Medicine, UCL
Jon Gosling Electronic Engineering, Newcastle
Rob Guest Liverpool
Will Hairsine Leicester
Harry Halmshaw Gap Year, South Africa (Not Posssible)
Graham Hales Exeter College, Oxford
David Hanson St. Andrews
Theo Hoppen English, History and Art History, St. Andrews
Edward St.John Birmingham
Adam Jorna Physics, St. Annes College, Oxford
Heather Lang History, York
Vanessa Laucht Education and Art, Warwick
David Lewins Hull
Phillip 'George' Marsden Electronics, Reading
Geraldine Newman Biology, St. Andrews
Tehmina Parekh Medicene, Newcastle
Nitin Prasad Dentistry, Birmingham
Sonal Sodha Chinese and Management, Durham
John 'Mole' Stather Archaeology, Durham
Wendy Tomlinson Hertfordshire
Jason Wong Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London
James Usher Unkown
Tracy Wong Chemical Engineering, Nottingham
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If the e-mail address does not appear on this page, it means I don't know it, or the person in question did not want it published.
In this case, the best thing to do would be to try the university's web page, as some offer a student e-mail search funtion. A list of all academic webservers in the UK is hosted at the department of computing at Imperial.
If this fails, Imperial offer a UK wide e-mail search facility. People who use UNIX could try using the finger command. Certain finger servers (eg offer Soundex matching, so quering a mis-spelt name will yield a list of possible alternatives.
We have been organising on-line chats between people who used to go to Hymers for a while now. We tend to use DALnet IRC, channel #Hymers, after 4pm on most weekdays. If you don't know what IRC is, but would like to join in, please mail me
Most people who study computer intensive subjects (eg Me) will use UNIX based systems, and therefore will be avaliable for UNIX talk. You can check if I'm logged on, and which machine i'm using if I am, here.
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